File Saving: Photoshop


  1. Download & Install PrintingCenterUSA’s Adobe PDF Preset
  2. Save PDF

1. Download & Install PrintingCenterUSA’s PDF Preset

a. Click here to download the PrintingCenterUSA preset.
b. In Photoshop, click: Edit > Adobe PDF Presets
c. Click Load, then select the PrintingCenterUSA.joboptions file. Click Open.


2. Save PDF

a. In the top menu Click: File > Save As
b. Change Format to “Photoshop PDF.” Click Save.

c. In the Save Adobe PDF window, change the Adobe PDF Preset to PrintingCenterUSA. If you do not see this option, repeat steps 1-2.

File Packaging: Photoshop

PrintingCenterUSA requires a PDF file to be submitted for printing. However, if there are issues with fonts or images loading, our prepress department may ask you to send a packaged file. If that is the case, then follow the steps below to package your files properly.


  1. Rasterize Text
  2. Follow Steps 1-3 in File Saving: Photoshop (above)

1. Rasterize Text

In the Layers panel of your Photoshop document, right click all text layers > Rasterize Type.

2. Follow steps 1-3 in File Saving: Photoshop (above)