File Saving: Canva

To save your final design for printing, take the following steps. Click on “File”, then “Download”.

In the menu that opens, select the File type as “PDF print”. Ensure “Crop marks and bleed” has a checkmark next to it. Do NOT select “Flatten PDF” or “Include Notes”. By default, “All pages” will be selected for download.

Under “Color Profile”, if you have the free version of Canva, your only option will be “RGB (best for digital use)”. We convert all of our files to CMYK for printing if they are not already saved as CMYK, so this can cause some color shift in your final product. If you own Canva Pro, we recommend selecting “CMYK (best for professional printing)” to have the best color accuracy.

Once the above is completed, click “Download” to receive your pdf. You can now upload this pdf to your account for printing.