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Printing Case Studies & Marketing Case Studies

Generate new print ideas for your marketing, advertising and fundrasing campaigns by reading successful printing case studies from business's and organizations just like yours. Printing Center USA's case studies feature Print Marketing, Direct Mail, Multi-channel Marketing, Purls and more.  Get the support you need to create these successful print marketing, direct mail and multichannel marketing campaigns with Printing Center USA. We can help you with any of these case study ideas. Call or go online to get started, get prices, marketing tips or just to order quality printing. Let us know how we can help you be a success.

Case studies are organized by industry and product but we feel many of any of these concepts can be applied to any business, nonprofit organization or educational institution.


Art & Entertainment
Graphic Design

Health & Wellness
Non Profit

Printing Center USA Customer Case Studies

Arts and Entertainment

Multiple Products & QR Codes
Body Painter Uses QR Codes on Posters, Business Cards and postcards to promote her art and drive traffic back to her website.

Increase Recognition With A Catalog:
Judge Michael Jones Profiles Of A Sports Artist bring together Michael Jones passion as an athlete with his passion as an artist.

Event Writing Conference Catalog
A printed art catalog helps bring in new people to a four day writing conference event.


Booklets and Magazines
Association Booklet: Boost Membership:
The Vintage Sailplane Association prints a 20-page quarterly booklet to boost membership and inform pilots about what’s going on in the world of gliders.

MT School uses newsletter printing to generate revenue:The Montana School for the Deaf and turned their newsletter printing into a PR tool and a revenue generator.

The Washington State Gourd Society Poster:The budget was a critical part! They wanted to print a unique piece to showcase a large variety of gourd art in an artistically and skillful manner.

Rack Card
Winery Rack Card Eola-Amity Hills
Rack Card Helps Oregon Winemaking Community Association Promote 3rd Annual Event Used in the Mail and as a Hand Out


Automotive Photo Book Volvo Truck:
Incorporate sales trip photo’s into a book and give to your entire team. Our sales staff has told us that their spouses are pushing them to sell more, so they can go on the trip.” Which in return drives more sales for the company


Catalog & Booklet
Business Catalog: Product Promotion All American Specialties prints a catalog to separate themselves from the competition in award designing.

Business Catalog: Direct Mailer GetQuik uses a direct mail catalog to advertise their service to companies. It focuses on growth potential and their customers testimonials.

Green Theme Business Catalog:
Intrepid Learning Solutions mailed this unique catalog to businesses with the intention of standing out. Using a different style is a great way to get noticed and read.

Organization Booklet: Group Advertising The Midwest Furniture Club prints a booklet every year to advertise furniture reps throughout the mid west to help build industry sales.

Advertise Your History In A Catalog: The Original Buffalo Wallet uses this catalog to advertise to customers all over the U.S.A. The Wallets go back over 40 years in Montana history.

Retail Catalog: Showcase Sale Items Floto printed a full color catalog to showcase their summer sale on handbags and increased sales.

Retail Catalog: Sell A Style Knuckleheads catalog is sent all over the world to retail stores to give them an idea of the style of clothing that Knuckleheads manufactures.

Apparel Poster Henders Calendar Poster calendar promotes products and informs customers

Browse by product to see how other educators are using print successfully for fund raising, raising awareness, increasing donations and more.

Annual Reports
Education Annual Report:
Private School Archbishop Murphy High School got creative by using its annual report to raise money for the school. The report combined student services to change the look and feel to attract parents, alumni, and trustee’s to donate more money.

Children Learning Program: Music Lingua Booklet Increase Enrollment

Education Booklet: Photo Book Attracts Pledges: The Sigma Pi fraternity in Auburn, Al tweaked their marking efforts to attract more pledges.

High School Brings Big Profit
: The Hamilton Aggie Marching Band calendar generated 10% of the band’s annual expenses, by printing a calendar that sold advertising.

High School Fundraising: The Hawaii High School Rodeo Association printed a 15-month calendar to raise money and to honor the students in the program.

High School Sponsors Pay For The Calendar: Wild Country sold ads in their 2009 school calendar to cover the calendar cost, by printing a calendar where they sold spots for local business to advertise.

High School Budget Calendar: St. Gregory School provided 300 parents with a calendar under a tight budget, by printing a simple and clean calendar.

Private High School Events Calendar: Loyola High School printed a yearly calendar to show parents and donors how extracurricular activities help students learn teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship, build self-confidence, find outlets for creative expression and develop valuable skills that will help them succeed in life.

University Increasing Donation: The Lebanese American University Calendar caught the eyes of donors and supporters for a whole year, by printing a calendar that thanked alumni for their donations.

University Calendar Rakes In Cash: The University of Great Falls printed a yearly calendar that got the whole community involved by combining cash prizes.

University Gaining Awareness: Montana Wheat Growers and Montana State University Urban Integrated Pest Management Program printed a calendar to inform County Agencies and Montana Wheat Growers about common Montana Wheat Pests.

University Campus Calendar Informs Students: Ball State University printed a full color calendar to attract the student’s attention. The goal was to increase the attendance of students at campus events.

Business University Calendar Printing Example: A University of Florida fan turns his passion for gator football into a growing business called “Alligator Dreams” by printing calendars filled with the gator’s mascot.

University Catalog: Informative: Montana State University informs a large number of people with its cost effective booklet.

University Catalog: Enrollment: Louisiana State University printed a full color catalog and increased its fall enrollment.

Private School Catalog: The Montana Wilderness School Of The Bible printed this catalog as a promotional advertising piece.

University Magazine Raises Research Money Big Sky Small Acres printed this magazine to show people what it’s like to live in rural Montana.

Southern NCSY Uses QR Codes on Postcards
QR codes enhance response rates and event attendance from teens through postcard direct mailers


Education Poster Chicago U visual arts The University of Chicago Open Practice Committee created a brochure that opened to a poster to advertise their visual arts program displays.


Catalogs Catch Attention:
The Family Credit Management catalog was designed to catch people’s attention who are looking for a way to save money. The use of bright colors and catchy wording made this catalog a huge success for this financial institution.

Advertise Services and Financial Growth Next Financial Insurance Services Company’s (NFISCO) Catalog demonstrates the financial growth that companies could experience when partnering with NFISCO.


Annual Report
Retirement Board Annual Report: Show Earnings
: The Montana Public Employee Retirement Board printed this annual report to demonstrate the 2009 fiscal year earnings. 

Graphic Design

Annual Report
Annual Report Successful With Simple Design
: MSGIA's professional graphic designer says it was important to keep the design clean and simple when designing this annual report catalog.

Health & Wellness

Health booklet vital minerals Vital Earth Minerals Targeted marketing helps address audience’s needs in a booklet

Academy of Health Catalog: Attract Students
: The Orlando Academy School of health professionals attracted new students by printing a catalog that featured the schools accomplishments. 


Manufacturing Brochure Tennessee Fence
Middle Tennessee Fence Printed a larger Brochure to standout from the crowd.

Catalogs, Booklets, Annual Reports
New Hardware Catalog: Advertise New Products
Beesley International advertised their new hardware for chicken coops by printing a full color catalog to send to customers.

Set Yourself Apart With A Catalog: Branding American Exteriors printed this catalog with a large Penguin on the cover to separate their company from their competition and build their branding efforts.

Feature Your Style In A Catalog: Feature Custom Designs C. Sharps Arms inc. advertises their handcrafted rifles in a catalog that features the different styles and custom designs customers can order.

Show Room Catalog: Printed Showroom Cedar Creek Inc.'s catalog brings the showroom right into the customers hands.

Become an Expert With Catalogs The HushMat is a unique product; it eliminates noises in cars by eliminating structural vibration. Informing and demonstrating benefits helps become an expert in your field.

Manufacturing Poster Bulletproofdiesel
Point-of-Sale Poster For BulletProofDiesel Need Durability To Promote Brand Awareness

Non Profit

Animal Foundation Booklet: Auction Event Fundraising: A Nonprofit Organization, The Animal Foundation, has an annual fundraising event they call the “Fur Ball” which they use a printed booklet for the charity auction event.

Non-Profit Brochure Advertise Fundraiser:
  The Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center printed a brochure to advertise a fundraising event called “Father Day 5k Run For Families”.

Annual Report Nonprofit Helps with Affordable Housing:
Yolo County in California uses a calendar to gain awareness to help prevent long term homelessness.

Calendar Helps Animal Shelter Pay The Bills: A nonprofit organization called “Pet Paw-See” printed a calendar to help pay for their shelters veterinarian bill. The nonprofit organization helps unwanted animals find loving homes. The Pet Paw-See goal was to sell the calendar around town at local veterinarian clinics.

Calendar Advertise Fundraiser: The Valley County Museum in Glasgow, Montana printed the Assiniboine Tribe Calendar to sell to visitors to raise money for the exhibit.

Men in Pink Raise Money with a Calendar: Local Business Owners Take their Shirts of and Raise Money

Invitation Advertise Fundraiser:
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society boosted attendance at their 26th Annual Seattle Celebrity Waiters event by sending this invitation direct mail piece.

Nonprofit Flyer Request Cards:
The Todd Becker Foundation uses many different printed pieces in their marketing and fundraising efforts and one of the most critical concerns is to be able to maintain colors and quality across all the different pieces.


Calendar Photography Raise Money for Local School and Build Your Business
   The Cashion Junior Athletic Association printed their first sports calendar to raise funds for a track for the town.

Fundraising and Awareness A photographer documented a tornado that ripped through the town of Mena, Arkansas. And used the proceeds to help the town recover.

Direct Mail Advertising Your Services Wedding Combo sent this direct mail catalog to couples that were looking to capture their memories on their wedding day.

Note Cards
Photography Note Cards Short Run Printing Makes Small Opportunities Easy and Cost Effective for retired photographer using note card printing.


Attract Enthusiasts With Print  Classic Journey Outfitters prints a high quality catalog every spring to attract outdoor enthusiast.

Hype Your Sport With a Recreation Magazine
Montana Bowhunter Magazine features bow hunting in Montana in a direct mail magazine.


Custom DVDs Offer Campers Memories for Years to Come
  DVDs offer each guest a unique way to save, remember and share their exciting week at camp for years to come.


Spread your message about changing lives
  Grace Bible promise uses a calendar to keep the congregations traditions going.


Technology Catalog: Save Money and Sell More Prototron Circuits printed their 2010 catalog with an online printer and saved a bundle on printing cost. They were amazed by the printing quality.

Technology Newsletter Aims Newsletter Helps AIMS inform current customers and market to prospects around the country

Technology Postcard InterlinkOne InterlinkOne printed a Cross Media Postcard Campaign to show in-plant printers how they’re integrated marketing software can help lead them to success within their operation.


Travel- booklet/guide printing costa rica dream
Digitally Printed Booklets/guides Help Costa Rica Dream Makers Spend Less While Maintaining High Quality.

General Marketing Case Studies
Smarter Marketing with Personalization. Club Travel mailing was 80% smaller than in the past, by precisely matching the messaging to reach a prospect’s demographic profile, the campaign was far more relevant and more effective for each recipient.

Money Saving Magic Of Personalization. This university saved money by targeting and streamlining.  Did you know that by personalizing your documents, you could not only achieve better results, but actually save money?

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